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Employees Visa Agenda

We are specialists for visa and immigration agenda for companies employing foreigners. We know how to effectively lead routine visa agendas for successful language schools who hire many foreign teachers, or subsidiaries and branches of international companies, staffed with managers and specialists from all around the world. We can administer visa agenda, work permits, employee cards and visa extention for foreign employees; we take care of new visas, continually look after for work permits and their extentions as well as visa extentions.We can file important deadlines and actively work on extentions. Our cooperations with partners is based on long term contracts and tailored prices.

We will take care of your foreign employees or company representatives in terms of their legal status and work in the Czech Republic. By using our experiences you gain complex service and avoid eventual false steps by not knowing complicated administration processes.

We can help you with:

Employee card – a new type of single permit, which authorises its holder to stay in the territory of the Czech Republic for the purpose of employment on a long-term basis and to perform work in the job, for which the card was issued. It replaces the visa for a stay of over 90 days for the purpose of employment, the permit for long-term residence for the purpose of employment and the Green Card, which will no longer be issued.

Long term visa over 90 days as performance of duties as a member of a legal entity's statutory body (as an executive director, partner of a trading company, general partner, member of the board of directors, member of the advisory board, member of a cooperative, etc.).

If the foreigner intends to reside in the Czech Republic for the purpose of business, he/she must submit with trade license (i.e. business license or license deed).

A long-term residence permit (visa extention) is issued to the holder of a visa for a stay over 90 days who intends to remain on the territory of the Czech Republic for a period longer than one year and if the purpose of the stay remains the same. Instead of extending the validity of the visa for a stay over 90 days, the foreigner's period of residence on the territory of the Czech Republic is performed by issuing a long-term residence permit for the same purpose for which the visa for a stay over 90 days was issued. The application can be submitted in the Czech Republic.

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